EU Projects showcase: Sharing Results for a Sustainable Future
Don't miss this chance to explore cutting-edge environmental research and innovation!
Thu 31 Aug - Sat 2 Sep 2023
Description  /  Programme

CEST2023 helps you to disseminate your results efficiently. Join an exciting side-event, where we will showcase the results of various EU-funded projects (HORIZON, Interreg, ERASMUS+, PRIMA, ENI CBC MED, LIFE etc) from all fields of Environmental Science and Technology. The event aims to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders. Attendees will have the chance to interact with project representatives, gain insights into the projects' findings and impacts, and learn about the latest environmental research trends.

The EU Projects Acronyms follows:

  • LIFE VISIONS (Funding program: LIFE)
  • GOLD (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • MIDAS (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • SYMSITES (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • FRIETS (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • Dialogue4Tourism (Funding program: Interreg Euro-MED)
  • Community4Innovation (Funding program: Interreg Euro-MED)
  • BLUE-GREENWAY (Funding program: EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation)
  • AquaSPICE (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • RECLAIM (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • CRESCENTO (Funding program: Interreg ADRION)
  • NEXOGENESIS (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • COMPAIR (Funding program: HORIZON)
  • LIFE CLIMAMED (Funding program: LIFE)
  • NOBILIS (Funding program: HORIZON)