Publication of Papers

Proceedings of 2021 will be published in the Springer ASTI Book Series (indexed in Scopus):

The proceedings of our previous event have also been accepted for publication in Springer ASTI Book Series. They are in press and we expect to have the book published in a couple of months.

Papers presented in CEST2021, will be submitted for review in the cooperating journals for inclusion in special issues after the normal peer review process of the journals.

Up to now agreements have been made with Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration, Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, AtmosphereEnvironmental Science: Proccesses and Impacts, Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, Water, Energies, Chemosphere, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Processes, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Waste Management and Research. Μore information will be announced on due time. We are in contact with more journals and there will be an update on the list.

Published special issue from 16th CEST (2019):