Session 22 - Sustainability & the SDGs

OTAER biotechnology: a new pathway of reaching the Zero Net Carbon in Odours Treatment

Hera II Friday 1 September 09:30 - 09:45
Emissions of odours into ambient air represent a serious problem and cause for conflict, due to the effects they cause on the population and on the exposed environment. Their treatment is therefore a priority. The approach currently pursued by the conventional odour treatment technologies is focused on reducing the odour concentration and/or on the degradation of the odorous substances into non-odorous ones. The operation of these systems, however, determines the production and emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and therefore climate change issues. The research presents and discusses the identification and development of an advanced, integrated, and sustainable odour treatment technology, biological based, called OTAER system. The aim is to promote a new integrated treatment system that combines the reduction of odours with the control and recovery of GHGs for the purpose of subsequent valorization in energy terms. The technology fits into the principles dictated by the New Green Deal and in compliance with the guidelines of the SDGs (objectives n.7 and n.13). The research presents the results of an intense experimental validation activity of the OTAER system on different odorous compounds. The percentages of abatement and the production of algal-biomass are reported and discussed. The proposed system highlights the importance of developing and implementing integrated biotechnologies, aiming to applying circular economy approaches, in order to guarantees the total environmental protection, including the reduction of climate change emissions.