Session 15 - Air pollution and health

Air quality monitoring and control in complex environments by advanced and integrated system

Athena II Thursday 31 August 16:30 - 16:45
Large civil engineering projects, such as the construction and expansion of Ports are strategic actions for the social and economic development of territories. Air gaseous emissions are among the most important environmental pressures linked to all stages of these projects. Prolonged exposure to air pollutants can cause respiratory disease, nausea, reduced resistance to infections and increased fatigue in humans. Advanced real time monitoring systems are thus needed in order to control the emissions and avoid potential negative impacts. The research presents and discusses the identification and application of an advanced and integrated multi-criteria environmental system for the air quality continuous monitoring in sensitive area. The experimental activities are carried out with reference to a real case study of the Port of Salerno (SA). Conventional and emergent air contaminants are measurred by fixed monitoring stations and mobile laboratories. All data are collected and transmitted in real time on a specifically designed spatial information system (SIT). The results of four years of analysis and monitoring are presented. The proposed system highlights the importance of developing and implementing integrated multi-criteria monitoring plan in order to be effective and guarantees environmental protection and data transparency.