Prof.  Evangelos  Gidarakos
Prof. Evangelos Gidarakos
Technical University of Crete, Greece

Since 2019 he is an Emeritus Professor at the School of Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Crete, where he founded and directed the Laboratory of Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management for almost 18 years. During the period 1985-2001 he was Director and Vice-President of the Battelle Institute of Germany, while from 1980 until 1985 he was Scientific Associate and Program Manager at the Research Centre GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht also in Germany. The scientific fields of his concern include hazardous waste management, sustainable municipal solid waste management and soil and groundwater remediation, using innovative technologies. He has collaborated with many research centers and institutes (e.g. Max-Planck, MIT, Battelle Memorial Institute, BNNL, etc.) and has been a visiting professor in many Universities, such as the Technical University of Hamburg, Dresden and Cottbus in Germany. He possesses 5 patents, has published more than 100 papers in scientific journals and has presented more than 200 papers at different international scientific conferences. In 2015, he became an elected member of the International Waste Working Group (IWWG) Managing Board, and during this period (2021-2022) he was the President of IWWG.