Dr. Rick Parkman
Dr. Rick Parkman
Director, Industrials Sector Environment & Ground Engineering EMEA AECOM, UK

Overview of the UK regulatory framework for managing contaminated land

Rick has a PhD in Environmental Geochemistry and has 30 years experience in environmental research and consultancy. He is part of AECOM’s senior leadership team responsible for delivery of Environment & Ground Engineering Services in the UK and Europe. <> His day to day technical remit involves directing projects concerning the provision of strategic engineering and environmental support. Projects are concerned with managing environmental risk, mitigation, remediation (chemical and radiological), waste management, change of use and brownfield redevelopment considering relevant environmental legislation, often adopting pragmatic optioneering and decision-making protocols. Projects have been undertaken to satisfy both Contaminated Land and PPC/ IED regulatory frameworks and to support due diligence, merger/acquisition, site divestiture and redevelopment processes. Rick has overseen several projects involving the assessment of financial provisions for contaminated land and environmental compliance, supporting clients with land asset rationalisation programs as part of corporate business risk and/or due diligence management activities. Through this work Rick has served a variety of public (government) and private sector clients, especially in the Chems & Pharms, Manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Nuclear, Mining, Waste Management and Legal & Financial sectors. He has also led projects and contract frameworks with both DEFRA and the Environment Agency in the UK. In more recent years, Rick has been involved with contaminants of emerging concern, including poly and perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS). He has participated in working groups, external conferences and leads on projects developing management strategies and remediation solutions to deal with PFAS contamination and wastes. Rick leads AECOM’s PFAS initiative for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, taking an overview role supporting local teams on PFAS projects within their country region and bringing in the international expertise as and when required. Rick also participates on AECOM’s Global PFAS leadership initiative working closely with others from Europe, US and Australia/ New Zealand.

Rick is also on the steering group and lead representative for AECOM at the Network for Industrially Coordinated Sustainable Land management in Europe (NICOLE) which is a leading forum promoting co-operation between industry, academia and service providers on the development and application of sustainable technologies in contaminated land management, risk assessment and remediation. He is an active participant in various NICOLE initiatives and working groups (WGs).