Friday 3 September 09:00 > 09:30

The impact of COVID-19 partial lockdown on air pollution levels – A case study of Cyprus

Ms. Maria Demetriou Prof. Antonis A. Zorpas
Session: 21(P) Air pollution
CEST ID: 646 ROOM: B Paper Presentation

This study aims to analyze the changes in air pollution levels during lockdown measures in Cyprus. Lockdown measures came into force from March 13th 2020, few days after the first COVID-19 case was registered. The study analyses the data from different air quality monitoring stations in Cyprus in order to estimate air pollutant concentration variations during lockdown period. The data collected was compared to the previous year’s monthly values of emissions. Results show that during the lockdown period, there was a significant reduction on NOx, NO and NO2 (65,07%, 75,20% and 59,67% respectively) at the traffic air quality monitoring stations. A lower reduction was observed for CO (28.50%) and C6H6 (58,34%). SO2 concentrations did not show significant reductions while ozone levels (O3) increased. The results clearly show the traffic-related air pollution and necessitate further design strategy plan about the allocation of the traffic volume and the promotion of public transportation and the use of alternative fuels.