Session 7(V) - Energy technologies and sustainability

Dr. Vincenzo Senatore, Prof. Barbara Ruffino

Technological solutions for giving a new life to power plants of alternative energy: social, economic and environmental assessment of end of life scenarios

VR3 Thursday 2 September 09:45 - 10:00

The resources on the planet are not unlimited and special attention has been paid to alternative energies in recent years. Alternative (or renewable) energy are all those energy sources that do not come from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). To date, wind and solar energy are the main sources of renewable energy on which huge investments has been made in recent years. However, many of these plants are no longer functional and need to be disused or upgraded. The aim of the following study is to show a technical and economic analysis carried out on some alternative energy plants, focusing on the social, economic and environmental aspects. In particular, the different possible scenarios were analyzed, in which the principles of reuse and recycling were applied, where the different plants from renewable sources were given a new life.