Friday 3 September 09:45 > 10:00

National-scale environmental data analysis for shipping and transport: The National Research Infrastructure EN.I.R.I.S.S.T.

Dr. Demetris Francis Lekkas Prof. Elina Tragou Dr. Ioannis Hatzianestis Mrs. Ester Skylaki Dr. Constantine Parinos Mr. Nikolaos Manos Mr. Pantelis Anaxagorou Prof. Dimitrios Lyridis Prof. Nikolaos Ventikos Prof. Drosos Koutsoubas Prof. Amalia Polydoropoulou Prof. Vassilis Zervakis Dr. Eleftheria Klontza Dr. Ioannis Tsouros Dr. Athena Tsirimpa Dr. Ioanna Pagoni Prof. Helen Thanopoulou
Session: 22(P) Environmental impact of maritime transport
CEST ID: 614 ROOM: C Paper Presentation

This paper presents the state-of-the-art research conducted as part of EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. regarding the emerging impact of shipping and transport to the environment. More specifically, it presents the digital platforms and services that are developed as part of the research infrastructure and are related to environmental sciences. The first is the “EcoMarpol Platform”, which caters for collecting and analyzing pollution-driven data as well as calculating the environmental imprint (atmospheric emissions, waste production, chemical pollution of marine waters and sediments) of maritime activities. This platform additionally includes the online monitoring of in-port emissions from shipping and pollution from ship-to-ship transfer operations or accidents and the environmental risk assessment management. The other platform is the “Passenger Sustainable Travel Platform”, as part of which a tool for calculating aircraft emissions (CO2 and air pollutants) will be developed and applied in the Greek airspace and airports.