Session 20(P) - Spatial environmental planning

Mr Bernhard Wern

Investigating the water, energy, marine land use, food, climate interlinkages in marine environment

A Friday 3 September 10:15 - 10:27

The conflicts observed in the marine environment between the installation of renewable energy production, aquaculture activities and tourism, highlight the need for a more coherent management. To this end, maritime spatial planning is being developed at the cross-sectoral level, so that human activities at the ocean could be carried out in an efficient, safe and sustainable way. Along these lines, this paper is focusing on identifying the interlinkages between water, energy, marine land use, food and climate in the marine environment (Marine NEXUS). For the marine environment of Greece, an analysis of the interlinkages and the complex pathways are qualitatively analyzed based on their impacts on all aspects of the marine environment.