Thursday 2 September 14:15 > 14:30

Integration of negatively charged MWCNT-fGO self-assembled nanomaterials into PLA polymeric membranes for wastewater treatment

Ms. Hiyam Hisham Khalil Ms. Lobna Nassar Dr. Vijay S Wadi Prof. Vincenzo Naddeo Dr. Fawzi Banat Prof. ‪Shadi Wajih Hasan
Session: 11(V) Desalination
CEST ID: 161 ROOM: VR1 Paper Presentation

The integration of nanomaterials in membrane’s matrix aims to improve the membrane’s hydrophilicity, mechanical strength, thermal stability and water flux, which are vital membrane properties needed to active efficient removal of contaminants. Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and functionalized Graphene oxide (fGO) have recently attracted attention, as they have proved to have potential in various applications. The main objective of this work was to fabricate polylactic acid (PLA) membranes incorporated with negatively charged, self-assembled MWCNT-fGO using phase inversion method. Different concentrations of MWCNT-fGO 2,4,6 and 8 wt% of the polymer were fabricated.