Friday 3 September 13:00 > 13:15

Developing a framework for local climate change adaptation plan: The case of Mandra-Attiki, Greece

Session: 27(P) CLIMPACT: National Network for Climate Change and its impacts
CEST ID: 363 ROOM: A Paper Presentation

The present work deals with the development of a preliminary climate change (CC) adaptation action plan at local level. The area of interest area is the greater area of Mandra Municipality, Attica, Greece; a suburban area that in November of 2017 had experienced a major flood incident with human casualties. The suggested methodology follows a combined 2-step, top-down and bottom-up, approach. The top-down approach deals with current CC policies and related guidelines at European, national and regional level, such as: European CC Policy (Green Paper 2030, Climate Neutral Europe 2050), National CC Adaptation Plan (National Climate Change Strategy ESPKA), Regional CC Adaptation Plan of Attica Region (PESPKA), Flood Risk Management Plan of Attica Region with emphasis to the Low Zone Aspropyrgos-Elefsina. In the bottom-up approach we focus on the main characteristics/variables of the area under study that have impacted significantly in the recent flood incident. Natural and man-made environmental variables that are necessary to be monitored on a regular basis are highlighted. A matrix of flood incidents effects is developed in order to define the most affected variables by sector. Among the outcomes of this analysis a road map of requirements will be proposed for local adaptation CC Plans (LACCPs) to increase city resilience in flood events.