Prof.  ‪Mohammad J.  Taherzadeh
Prof. ‪Mohammad J. Taherzadeh
University of Borås, Sweden

Title of the speech: Paradigm shift from waste and wastewater treatment to Resource Recovery

Mohammad J. Taherzadeh is a full professor in Bioprocess technology since 2004 at the University of Borås in Sweden. He is also the head of the biotechnology group and chairman of the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery. Prof. Taherzadeh has PhD in Bioscience, and MSc and BSc in Chemical Engineering. He is developing processes to convert wastes and residuals to value-added products with a focus on pretreatment and fermentation using primarily filamentous fungi and anaerobic bacteria, where many of his results were also industrialized by companies. He has published +400 publications in journals, +40 book chapters and 8 books. He is also associate editor of Bioresource technology and former editor-in-chief of Bioengineered.