Authors / Speakers

Prof. Andreas Y. Troumbis

University of the Aegean Professor

Wed 13 Jul 2022 | 13:03 -13:03

Detection of disturbances of thyme habitats on Lemnos island with Landsat time series analysis

Session: 20(P) Spatial environmental planning
CEST ID: 533 ROOM: Poster area Poster
Mon 25 Jul 2022 | 13:53 -13:53

Quantifying and mapping urban trees' decay severity using thermal and spatial indices: implications for tree hazard assessment and management

Session: 39(V) Disaster risk reduction and management
CEST ID: 335 ROOM: Poster area Poster
Mon 1 Aug 2022 | 13:03 -13:03

Non-destructive diagnostics for estimating fungal infection in resin-tapped and non-tapped pine trees

Session: Biodibersity conservation
CEST ID: 336 ROOM: Poster area Poster