Mr.  Theodoros  Toskos
Mr. Theodoros Toskos
Senior Consultant

Natural and Anthropogenic Background as a Factor in Contaminated Site Cleanup. Conventional and Emergent Contaminants in Urban and Industrial Settings

Mr. Theodoros Toskos is a Professional Geologist with over 35 years of experience in environmental consulting, based in New Jersey, USA. He has an in-depth understanding of State and Federal regulations, investigation and remediation technologies and has directed numerous projects from inception to completion. He is an active NJDEP stakeholder and has participated in the revision of the Technical Requirements of Site Remediation, the update of Soil Remediation Standards the update of the Ground Water Classification system. He is a contributing author to the NJDEP Technical Guidance Documents for: "Technical Impracticability", "Attainment of Remediation Standards and Site-Specific Criteria", "Capping of Sites Undergoing Remediation”, "Site Investigation of Soil, Remedial Investigation of Soil, and Remedial Action Verification Sampling for Soil”, "Investigation of Underground Storage Tank Systems", "Landfills Investigation”, and "Preliminary Assessment.” He has participated in the legislative discussion of Natural Resource Damages and regularly contributes comments to proposed Federal environmental regulations through the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). He has extensive expertise in the area of Emergent Contaminants and was a contributing author to the NGWA "Groundwater and PFAS: State of Knowledge and Practice”. Theodoros Toskos is registered as a Professional Geologist (PG) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) in the State of New Jersey and has held various positions in the Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association (LSRPA), the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG), and the National Groundwater Association (NGWA).