Authors / Speakers

Mr. Bernhard Wern

IZES gGmbH head of departement

Fri 3 Sep 2021 | 12:00 -12:15

Fine dust impact by wood energy of a structured oil heating replacement in Luxembourg – Possibilities, pathways and impacts

Session: 28(P) Energy technologies and sustainability
CEST ID: 64 ROOM: B Paper Presentation
Fri 3 Sep 2021 | 15:15 -15:30

Cross-border trade: certification schemes for recycling derived organic fertiliser (RDF)

Session: 36(P) Agroforestry, Forest and Agricultural Sustainability
CEST ID: 63 ROOM: C Paper Presentation
Sat 4 Sep 2021 | 16:42 -16:45

FeBio: R&D of novel 75 kWel AD plant for difficult agricultural residues: horse manure, straw and green waste

Session: 53(P) Innovative Environmental Solutions
CEST ID: 83 ROOM: A Flash Paper Presentation