Authors / Speakers

Dr. Hai Nguyen Tran

Duy Tan University

Dr. Hai Nguyen Tran (0000-0001-8361-2616) received his Ph.D. degree from Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. He is currently a lecturer at Duy Tan University, Vietnam. His research interests include adsorption, Fenton-like reaction, photocatalysis, UV/chlorine process, green synthesis, and solid waste management. Especially, he focuses on (1) exploring the adsorption mechanism of various contaminants, (2) developing a variety of advanced materials, (3) characterizing them by various advanced techniques, and (4) applying them for water and wastewater treatments. He is the author and coauthors of 60 reputable-journal publications. He is a regular reviewer for 60 prestigious environment-focused journals in 18 publishers (i.e., Elsevier, RSC, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Wiley, SAGE, IWA, etc.). He has been recognized as one of ten Vietnam young talents in the field of science and technology selected to be honoured with the 2019 Golden Globe Award. -------------------------------------------------