Sustainable development in insular regions under tourism pressures: an integrated approach
Thursday 31 Aug 2023
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The session on Sustainable development in insular regions under tourism pressures: an integrated approach, will focus on the challenges, strategies, and solutions related to sustainable development in insular regions that face significant tourism pressures. Islands are characterized by their unique ecosystems and limited resources. In some cases, maintaining a balance between tourism development and environmental preservation proves to be challenging. Furthermore, insular regions are considered more vulnerable to climate change, and they are currently facing numerous management challenges to prevent resource shortages, given their high environmental footprint.

Innovative and integrated approaches and solutions should consider social, economic, and environmental dimensions. We welcome contributions on the following topics:

  • Environmental pressures: fragmentation and degradation of ecosystems, particularly in protected areas.
  • Waste and resource management in small and very small tourism enterprises – ecological labels and circular economy.
  • Wastewater management in small insular housing settlements with high seasonality and the potential application of alternative methods using nature-based solutions.
  • Reduction of energy and carbon footprint.
  • Management and exploitation of natural resources by local authorities
  • Integrated approach for sustainable development in islands.
  • Sustainable tourism for sustainable islands: measuring the carrying capacity of islands
  • Sustainable mobility on islands

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