Dr.  Iraklis  Panagiotakis
Dr. Iraklis Panagiotakis
General Manager

Dr. Iraklis Panagiotakis is the General Manager of ENYDRON, an environmental consulting company operating in Greece and Balkans. Iraklis is actively involved in the organization of CEST for more than a decade, organizing special sessions and workshops on hot environmental topics. He is an environmental engineer & scientist with more than 20 years of experience working in several different environmental projects, including Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Site Assessments, environmental performance monitoring of construction works, environmental sampling etc. He holds a PhD in remediation of contaminated sites and has more than 30 publications in international scientific journals, books and conferences. He is Senior Editor of the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Springer) and Editor of the Book Series “Environmental Contamination Remediation and Management” (Springer). He is a Visiting Lecturer in the National Technical University of Athens and the University of West Attica, Vice-chair of the Academic subgroup and member of the Steering Group of NICOLE (https://nicole.org).