CEST 2021
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Wed 1 Sep - Sat 4 Sep 2021
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Mr. Wouter Gevaerts
Mr. Wouter Gevaerts
Director Environmental Restoration EMU Region, Arcadis, Belgium

Contaminated land in Europe, why we would need a consultant?

Mr. Wouter Gevaerts is a geologist and working already more than 20 years for Arcadis. He has more than 30-year experience in contaminated land management, dealing with site investigation, risk assessment and site remediation for all types of contamination. He has been leading the contaminated land business, and later on the environmental business in Belgium. Later on, he became solution leader on contaminated land in Europe. In this role he was stimulating the exchange of knowledge, promoting innovative technologies and coordinating programs for international clients. He is based in Belgium but has been working on projects in several European countries (from Portugal to Poland). He is currently as well the chairman of the Nicole Service Provider Group (https://nicole.org), as well as a member of the program committee of AquaConSoil.